Drops of Jupiter

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken. Your best friend always sticking up for you, Even when I know you’re wrong? Can you imagine no first dance, freeze-dried romance. Five-hour phone conversation. The best soy latte that you ever had, and me?” Drops of Jupiter, Train

This song drives me crazy since I was 11 years old: it is one of my favorites, and for me it’s an evergreen as well as chocolate chip cake of mum Maria.

This recipe is deeply connected to one of my best friends, Annamaria, because when I was in middle school and I was going to her house to play after studying, her mom Maria most of the times surprised us with a sweet treat, a slice (well, actually, two or three slices :D) of her chocolate chip cake! Despite the fact it’s a really simple cake, it is so soft and delicious that you will never get tired of having it for breakfast or tea time, or anytime you need a pleasant moment. Are you ready to bake it?

Stay tuned!



S’  chocolate chip cake


  • 100 g egg whites
  • 200 g light brown sugar
  • 1 g salt
  • 90 g evo oil
  • 106 g heavy whipped cream
  • 250 g all-purpose flour
  • 5 g baking powder
  • 212 g dark chocolate (chopped)


In a bowl, with the hand mixer beat egg whites and sugar until they hold soft peaks. Start adding evo oil, salt, then heavy whipped cream and continue beating, keeping on medium speed for about a few minutes; at the end, add the all-purpose flour with the baking powder and the chopped chocolate. Grease and flour 8 inches (20 / 22 cm) round cake pan. Bake at 170°C (338 F) for about 40 min.

Remember, #bakeforlife 😉

Tips: you can use chocolate from Easter eggs.


  • The egg whites can be replaced by 2 whole eggs
  • The light brown sugar can be replaced by granulated white sugar
  • The heavy whipped cream can be replaced with milk or with a soy drink

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