World Pastry Stars 2019

The sixth edition of the World Pastry Stars, the international haute patisserie congress organized by Italian Gourmet under the patronage of Ampi – Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani – and Relais Desserts, was held on May, 20th & 21st in Milan.

During this extraordinary event I won the prestigious first prize as the best female pastry chef.

The contest included a comparison on an innovative tea pastry selection: a choice of 5 complete and varied tea pastries, containing traditional and innovative sweets. Clean shapes and light recipes, which are both convincing in taste, varied and balanced, without any excess.

Basic requirements of the competition were:

  • 5 types of pastries different in taste, shape and recipes
  • at least one innovative element (ingredient, technique, shape, etc.)
  • packaged for takeaway

The jury that assigned prizes was composed of:

  • Fabrizio Galla – President
  • Alessandro Servida
  • Domenico di Clemente
  • Maurizio Colenghi

My creations for this contest were:

  • “Paris” (whipped pastry with intense notes of bergamot and black tea)
  • “Sable Breton” (Breton shortbread biscuits with salted butter and citrus zest)
  • “American Dream” (Basket of peanuts cookie stuffed with toffee, and a golden sandblasted peanut)
  • “Brankiss” (Bacio di Dama with hazelnuts and cocoa beans with Ruby chocolate filling)
  • “Fancy Diamond” (cocoa diamond and coffee with Tonka bean and muscovado sugar).

Other competitors were highly qualified and fierce, and among them there were also Silvia Federica Boldetti (formerly “Pastry Queen” 2016) and Caterina Falomo, second and third place in this context.

This award is only a starting point. There is still a lot of work to do; however, thanks to this amazing prize I’ve been able to show above all to myself that everything is possible if you truly and strongly believe in what you do, and if you cultivate your passions with love and patience.