Crossfin™ was born on May 24, 2017 by the desire of the Pastry Chef Sara Bruno to create something new and unique in the pastry world.

She believes in her new product, born not from a mistake but from the simplest desire of experimenting and looking further; for this reason she decided to register the brand at Community level.

What is Crossfin™?

The Crossfin™ is an hybrid that looks at the cosmopolitan world and blends the Italian croissant and the Anglo-Saxon muffin into a single bite.

Every single moment of the day is perfect for a Crossfin™: in the morning to have a wonderful start, during the afternoon for a delicious break, and at night for a last pleasure.

What’s the difference between Crossfin™ and Cruffin?

The Crossfin™ is literally a hybrid between the croissant and the muffin: the croissant peeling slowly joins a soft base, the muffin.

The Cruffin is mistakenly recognized as a cross between the fragrant French croissant and the soft muffin: in fact, it is simply the fried dough of croissants, cooked in a muffin mold. It is therefore a purely aesthetic idea and not a search for new techniques or flavors.

His paternity is claimed by London Foxcroft & Ginger and Mr.Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco where Pastry Chef Brittany Dunn has created a real business.

Where can I find the Crossfin™?

Crossfin™ can only be found at Papparè, Via de Giudei 2 – 40126 Bologna (BO) or Piazza Antonio Casotti / Via Arcipretura 2G – 42121 Reggio Emilia (RE).

Come here and try one of our flavors: Pastry Cream, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Monthly Special!