World Pastry Stars 2021

The eighth edition of the World Pastry Stars, the international congress of haute patisserie conceived by Maestro Iginio Massari and organized by Italian Gourmet, was held on 4 and 5 October 2021 in Milan.

This year the competition required the creation of a Pantry Cookie, a product that is theoretically simple to make but very demanding to amaze the jury of great professionals chaired by Maestro Gianluca Fusto and composed by Maestri Anna Sartori, Giovanni Cavalleri and Lucca Cantarin, for the technique, creativity, balance of ingredients and a recognizable texture.

In this prestigious congress I won the first prize as Best Under 35 Pastry Chef, making an encore after winning 2019 as Best Female Pastry Chef; this are the conclusions of the judges: first prize for having “read and fully respected the rules, something not to be taken for granted. She made a meticulous research for textures trying to enhance the primordial ingredient, chocolate. The biscuit has a precise and very regular shape and was presented with uniform packaging”.

The product I presented, ‘Kràsis’, is a pantry biscuit made up of a shortcrust pastry base with 70% dark chocolate and tonka bean, embellished with a shortcrust pastry whipped with 46% milk chocolate, notes of coffee and lemon. Kràsis, in Greek means balance: “The balance in the combinations chosen, together with the chromatic aspect and the shape, aim to reinvent a classic product of dry pastry”.