Vivir mi vida

“Y para qué llorar, pa’ qué, si duele una pena, se olvida. Y para qué sufrir, pa’ qué, si así es la vida, hay que vivirla. Voy a vivir el momento para entender el destino. Voy a escuchar en silencio, para encontrar el camino. Voy a reír, voy a bailar, voy a gozar, Vivir mi… Read More

I believe that We will win!

“You know what spreads faster than any virus? It’s fear and when it comes to fear, you can either forget everything and run, or you can face everything and rise. I believe we gonna face everything and rise. I believe that we will win. We can lose the battle, but we gon’ win the war.” I believe that we… Read More

Amor de mi vida

“Da quando all’asilo non volevo che mi lasciassi, a quando nei compiti volevo che mi aiutassi. Mi hai insegnato a stare in piedi e ad incassare i colpi. E se di me ora voglio renderti orgogliosa è perché so che per me hai rinunciato ad ogni cosa. Mai lascerò che qualcuno ci divida e se… Read More

Burning heart

“In the warrior’s code there’s no surrender: though his body says stop his spirit cries, never. Deep in our soul a quiet ember knows it’s you against you. It’s the paradox that drives us on. It’s a battle of wills in the heat of attack. It’s the passion that kills, the victory is yours alone.” … Read More

Every breath you take

“Oh, can’t you see? You belong to me. How my poor heart aches with every step you take. Every move you make, and every vow you break. Every smile you fake, every claim you stake. I’ll be watching you.” Every breath you take, The Police When we listen to this song then all of a… Read More

Drops of Jupiter

“Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken. Your best friend always sticking up for you, Even when I know you’re wrong? Can you imagine no first dance, freeze-dried romance. Five-hour phone conversation. The best soy latte that you ever had, and me?” Drops of Jupiter, Train This song drives me crazy since I was… Read More